Beyond the Back Row

The Breakthrough Potential of Digital Live Entertainment and Arts

Book Cover of Beyond the Back Row: The Breakthrough Potential of Digital Live Entertainment and Arts
"This is the best opportunity ever to make access
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About the Book

“The world is rich beyond measure with potential fans for your work.”
Are you and your organization ready for the future of live entertainment? The pandemic hit live entertainment harder than any other industry—but also revealed tantalizing new possibilities. Online, streaming, and hybrid events opened the door to bigger audiences, better finances, and more innovative content for live producers. And now is the perfect time to start. Beyond the Back Row breaks down the why, how, and what of online, streaming, and hybrid live events. It helps you understand the opportunities, avoid the pitfalls, and learn what you need to master. Wherever you are in your live entertainment career, even if you’re just getting started, start here.

About the Author: Jim McCarthy

Jim McCarthy, Co-founder and CEO of Stellar, former CEO/Co-founder of Goldstar and author of Beyond the Back Row: The Breakthrough Potential of Digital Live Entertainment and Arts
Jim McCarthy is the Co-Founder and CEO of Stellar, the only full-service livestream partner for professional live entertainment organizers, committed to delivering premium interactive online shows to paying audiences around the world. For nearly 20 years, Jim was the CEO/Co-Founder of Goldstar, helping 10 million people go to Goldstar to discover live events nationwide for 5,000 live entertainment organizers.

An e-commerce veteran, Jim has spent his entire career in high-growth businesses and freely shares his knowledge and insight with others. He's the organizer of the Pasadena Entrepreneurs' MasterMind Meetup and the curator and co-founder of TEDxBroadway, the sold-out annual event dedicated to the question: What's the Best Broadway Can Be? He's spoken at conferences all over the world, including TED, SXSW, INTIX, and more. His articles have been in Forbes, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

Jim is a very active member on the Board of Directors at the Pasadena Playhouse. He studied English at Harvard University and received an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Praise for the Book

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"Quick to dispel the notion of streaming events as merely “Zoom events,” the author shows how, with the proper planning, a good internet connection, and an eye toward production values specifically for the screen, one can offer hybrid or livestream events for any venue. McCarthy was on the ground in the industry as Covid hit, and he brings enthusiasm and experience to his book... The guide lays out its most important points in clear, bulleted lists, and the outlines, budgets, and examples scale to events of all sizes."
-Kirkus Reviews

“Online events offer a bigger stage on which to do the work you want to do.”

Learn more about the untapped potential of online, streaming and hybrid events in Beyond the Back Row.