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When the pandemic put the breaks on live performances, it felt like the entire world froze. But, as organizations continue to uncover the possibilities behind live-streaming , it’s become clear that live events are here to stay and every organization can access a global audience.

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Expand your reach well beyond 15 miles

Grow your organization’s presence and reach new viewers by expanding access to your in-person shows beyond local audiences. Our flexible and customizable online ticketing solution makes it easy to share your art with global audiences by offering an online streaming option.

Fully self-serve or full-service, our wide range of purpose-built features helps you build relationships with your viewers over time. Create a custom organization homepage, use email marketing integrations, and leverage marketing tools like pixels and links to engage with audiences all around the world.

More ways to make more money 

Who says revenue has to stop at a full house? Bring in more profit by selling hybrid, composite and virtual tickets to your shows. Get complete flexibility and control over your pricing by setting custom price points and offering promo codes too. 

Take advantage of integrated in-show monetization features like premium voice and chat suites, chat badges, and in-stream merch sales. Start selling subscriptions and bundles to your online shows and turn those one-time viewers into loyal and consistent streamers.

Boost your fundraising efforts 

Increase revenue in donations by sharing your community’s culture and arts with new donors around the world. Raise more money during your event with 503c donations, and overtime with subscription programs and memberships. 

 Show your gratitude and appreciation to existing donors and patrons by providing them with complimentary tickets to your virtual events in honor of their support.

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