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Millions of views may make you famous, but building even 1,000 real fans will change your career. Use the power of online streaming to build your audience and your bank account by transforming your social media content into a full-blown online show.

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Turn that Tik Tok into an online show your fans will pay for

Ensure the highest quality viewing experience at home by streaming your content via broadcast-quality video and audio. With two-screen viewing capabilities, viewers get an up-close experience of you and your performance..

Convert your social media fans into loyal, paying viewers with live events, monthly subscriptions, and show bundles to your online content to build a larger following and grow your personal brand.

Entirely self-serve, so you can reach your fans today

You didn't need permission to start creating, and you don't need it for Stellar. Whether it’s your first time streaming or your 100th, Stellar makes it simple and easy to go live in a day. Our platform allows you to market, ticket, stream, and monetize your content all in one place, so you won't need to deal with third-party vendors or outsourced tooling. 

Our team is available for technical support before, during, and after your event, helping you navigate global sales tax policies and performance licenses. We even provide customer support during your show to ensure your fans have a seamless viewing experience from the comfort of their homes.

Know exactly who is watching and where they’re watching from 

Uncover insights like watch time, marketing channel performance, and global locations, then use that data to create engaging content your viewers will love. You’ll build a powerful audience  and reach more people around the globe. 

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