7 Online Events That Were a Huge Success

Examples of online events we loved.

This year took the world of live online events to new heights (literally, in the case of David Blaine’s Ascension), with record-breaking concert livestreams, interactive magic shows and virtual performances by larger-than-life digital avatars.

At Stellar, we’re excited to see the innovative ways that performers and producers are embracing livestreaming, and which types of virtual shows have resonated the most with fans. Here’s a few of our faves.

BTS: Bang Bang Con

The South Korean boy band proved how big acts can attract a global audience with their record-shattering "Bang Bang Con" virtual concert, which featured 12 of the group’s biggest hits synced to colorful graphics and attracted a whopping 756,000 fans — from 107 countries!

Travis Scott: Astronomical

Rapper Travis Scott’s interactive and visually stunning concerts — presented in the open world of the video game Fortnite — brought in more than 12 million viewers and redefined what a concert could look and feel like in the digital age.

David Blaine: Ascension

The illusionist and endurance artist teamed up with YouTube for a modern-day spectacle: to fulfill his childhood dream of floating up above the clouds while holding on to helium balloons.

With more than 700k concurrent viewers, it instantly became YouTube's most-watched live Original ever.

Erykah Badu: Quarantine Concert Series

In a year bursting with big-name, at-home concert streams, Erykah Badu set hers apart with great production values and some innovative interactive elements: fans could request not only songs, but which instruments Badu and band would play — and even which room they’d play in during the show.

Red Rocks Unpaused

Red Rocks went high-tech and interactive for this three-day virtual concert fest headlined by Megan Thee Stallion and Sam Hunt, making the online audience a part of the show by letting them control visual elements live — and even beaming their faces onto the red rocks themselves.

The Present: Geffen Playhouse

Helder Guimarães’ interactive virtual magic show sold out its entire 24-week run in 2020, a testament to the timeliness of its pandemic-centric story and the power of its illusions, which were mailed in a mysterious package to audience members.  

Stellar is ticketing and streaming the finale of The Present Saturday, October 17th at 9pm ET/6pm PT. To purchase a ticket, click here.

The Princess Bride Cast Reunion

This livestreamed reading of The Princess Bride combines everything we love about the current virtual cast reunion trend — watching the cast’s faces light up when they reunite; seeing them perform with no sets, costumes or fancy camera work; and (at least in this case) getting chills when Mandy Patankin utters his famous line: "My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."

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