A Stellar Salon with Scarlett Kim

Join us on Thursday, December 8 at 3pm ET/12pm PT for an exclusive conversation on innovation and strategy for digital theatre.

It’s not too often you hear the title “Director of Innovation & Strategy” in the theatre world. But, that is exactly what Scarlett Kim at Oregon Shakespeare Festival is doing - innovating and implementing strategy. And, doing it incredibly well.  It’s why we’ve invited Scarlett to discuss her approach to digital theater and the possibilities with technology for audiences.   

In the tradition of a salon, this will be a true discussion with all guests. Therefore, we’re limiting the virtual roundtable to only 8 participants. Stellar, CEO and Co-founder Jim McCarthy will help drive the conversation too.If you’re passionate about the future of theatre, register today and join the conversation. 

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About Scarlett Kim

Scarlett Kim (she/her) is a diasporic Korean director, artist, and producer who creates overwhelmingly unclassifiable transmedia experiences all over the world, in contexts including and beyond theatre, visual art, XR, film, and social practice, with a deep commitment to centering marginalized voices. Associate Artistic Director and Director of Innovation & Strategy, Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Recent partners: REDCAT, Wrong Biennale, Prague Quadrennial, Shatto Gallery, Chilean National Council of Culture & Arts, Automata, Korea Foundation, Rogue Artist Ensemble, Heidi Duckler Dance, Bound Entertainment, La MaMa Umbria.

Previously: Artistic Director, The Mortuary, performance laboratory hosting projects spanning Korean shaman rituals, chamber orchestras, and experimental larps. At CultureHub, a global art, and technology community, Scarlett oversaw the artistic programming of the LA studio. MFA, Directing, CalArts. BA, Theatre & Performance Studies and Visual Arts, University of Chicago.

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